Capturing Growth Around the World 

ICM’s Large Cap Globally Dominant strategy seeks companies which typically have longer operating histories, a dominant market share in their industry and a global presence.

As a general proposition the companies in this portfolio have developed the corporate management cultures to sustain success throughout fluctuating economic cycles. The community of equity investors, however, frequently has a tendency to over or under emphasize the investment merit of these companies, and as a result, their valuations over the course of their industry cycles—thus creating investment opportunities. By committing to thoroughly understand these economic and industry cycles it becomes possible to identify and acquire these global companies at or near the low point of their popularity.

ICM’s Large Cap Globally Dominant strategy concentrates on companies with market capitalizations predominantly over $5 billion. The investment decision making process for this strategy begins with a fundamental analysis of major economic sectors, then industries and individual companies. Analysis of company historical and prospective returns on invested capital, growth opportunities, and quality of management are among the factors used to help the ICM investment team estimate a company’s intrinsic value. Most investments will be with companies that sell products or services with a global scope, and dominate their industries globally. Our Globally Dominant methodology is best evaluated in comparison with a combination of the S&P 500 and S&P Global 100 Indices.

Portfolio Characteristics Large Cap Globally Dominant
Primary Market Capitalization Predominantly Over $5 Billion
Number of Companies Held Approximately 30-40 Per Portfolio
Typical Weighting Per Holding 2-4% of the Portfolio Value at
the Time of Purchase
Expected Holding Period 3-5 Years
Average Portfolio Turnover 20-30% Annually
Recommended Benchmarks S&P 500 Index
S&P Global 100 Index
Minimum Account Size $100,000