Where Fund Performance is Just the Beginning

Although many people focus their attention on historical investment performance, ICM believes that reviewing performance is but one facet of a prudent investment monitoring process.

We believe this process should also include risk analysis, a careful review of expenses, and should consider qualitative factors such as investment personnel turnover and firm/fund governance issues.

Many retirement plan sponsors have historically delegated many of their investment selection and monitoring processes to their investment provider (such as an insurance company or brokerage firm). In theory, outsourcing tasks to hired experts is a good practice, however, many plan sponsors fail to recognize that their particular ‘expert’ may have compensatory arrangements with the investment community, thus giving them a vested interest in selecting certain products over others. Because this critical conflict of interest is often not fully disclosed, these clients may not realize that they may be receiving biased advice.

As an independent advisory firm, ICM offers objective investment consulting services to assist clients in the development and deployment of prudent investment processes related to their assets.

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