Flexing Your Investment Options  

The Flex Program is a strategy built upon the periodic reallocation of client assets between two accounts using different ICM portfolio strategies. The strategy uses an Enhanced Income account in conjunction with an All Cap Value account.

ICM’s goal with the Flex Program is to provide an accredited client with a means to be more conservatively invested when the investment outlook appears compelling, but also a means to be more conservatively allocated when the investment outlook appears less so. This is achieved by ICM managing the allocation between two accounts; increasing the allocation of client funds to the more aggressive All Cap Value account within a percentage allocation range predetermined by the client when a bullish posture seems appropriate and shifting the weighting progressively to the Enhanced Income portfolio when caution seems preferred.

Allocation changes, appropriate benchmarks, and performance fees are negotiated individually with each client at the time of Flex Program establishment.

Portfolio Characteristics ICM Flex Program
Minimum Account Size $1,000,000 Combined
Recommended Benchmarks Negotiated