Unique Opportunities

Accredited investors may have the need for different investment services than most individuals. Their larger accumulation of financial assets may require different approaches to investing.

Such circumstances also make it possible to take different risks than are customary for smaller pools of assets. ICM offers two special services for those who are fortunate to qualify as an accredited investor under the Federal definition.

Our Opportunistic strategy is an aggressive portfolio strategy which seeks to produce maximum total return using any combination of equity or fixed income investments that is best suited to the investment environment at a given point in time.

ICM’s Flex strategy is a dual portfolio strategy that has been created to address one of the most vexing problems that an investor faces—that of trying to determine when to invest more aggressively and when to be more conservative. It is achieved by running two accounts, one aggressive and one conservative, and allowing ICM to continuously shift assets between the two accounts based on ICM’s assessment of the trade-off between risk and potential return.

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