Our Fundamental Principles

ICM was founded over thirty years ago with a commitment to invest on behalf of our clients based on the core principles of value investing. That commitment remains the foundation of our investment process to this day.

We recognize, however, that in today’s world, economies and markets can change dramatically over time. As a result, our investment process has grown more adaptive to these ever-changing circumstances. Value investing remains our foundation principle, but we now also emphasize an investment process which places importance on several other aspects of investing.

Adaptability The tools of investing have changed dramatically over the decades. Forty years ago investors were largely limited to conventional stocks and bonds. Today, an investor faces a potentially bewildering global array of options, ETFs, mutual funds, commodity funds and more in addition to the traditional stocks and bonds. ICM utilizes some of those instruments where appropriate in our current investment strategies.

Flexibility Over the years it has become our belief that investors too often become excessively devoted to specific investment styles or asset classes. In today’s ever-changing world that is a recipe for disappointment. Everything from spontaneous global events, to politically driven economic change must now be embraced as factors to consider when investing. Our investment process includes active consideration of these events wherever possible.

Global Perspective Today, the investor’s world requires a more global perspective than in the past. Much more rapid growth in other parts of the world has changed the supply demand balance for many industries and reduced the appeal of being only a U.S. domestic investor. Our team strives to bring a global perspective to every asset category and every company in which we choose to invest.

Responsiveness The world is a faster moving place these days. Important market moving events unfold quickly and the markets move rapidly to value the new information. High speed computer trading systems seem to accelerate the process even more. In this environment, investors need to be well connected to all the important news sources and responsive when circumstances have changed. ICM strives to do just that in order to always be prepared to best manage our clients’ portfolios.

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